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Accounting management

The accounting and financial management of a condominium is a complex and changing matter. We monitor this task with rigor and professionalism.

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  • Each co-owner is provided with a Unique Identifier giving him/her access to the approved statements for previous years via his/her personal space on the GGG website.

  • We apply the principle of double-entry accounting, in accordance with the European system of accounts, which gives you a clear and correct overview of the income and expenses of your condominium/property.

  • We break down the various cost items on the basis of the quotients defined in the articles of association of your building.

  • We have at your disposal an inventory of provisions to be received, suppliers to be paid, bank account statement, assets of the residence and costs per account number.

  • On request, we will carry out a comparison of the different financial years to allow you to closely follow the financial evolution of the condominium's expenses.

  • We systematically compare the amounts actually spent versus the budgeted amount in order to identify any possible discrepancies.

  • We manage the cash flow of the condominium with due diligence. For example, we pay suppliers' invoices on the due date, without risking late payment penalties.

  • The payment of provisions and accounts by the owners are subject to a daily and rigorous follow-up to avoid arrears.

  • We value the clarity and completeness of the statements sent to the owners. For all the condominiums in our portfolio, we use a state-of-the-art management program developed specifically for this purpose.

  • In the event of the sale of your apartment, we manage the settlement between the old and the new owner on the date of the mortgage deed.

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