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Excellent customer service

  • Proximity and reactivity - Thanks to our three ideally located agencies and our experienced and dedicated managers

  • Regular visits - Periodic check-up of the building, followed by a summary report communicated to the Council of Condominium with a proposed action plan.

  • Availability - Teams available every day of the week and on-call service available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • Communication - Provision of documents by email, mail at the request of interested parties and via a secure website dedicated to your condominium.

Rigorous and transparent bookkeeping

  • Calls for provisions - issued no later than the 1st day of the beginning of the quarter

  • Statements - prepared within 30 days of the balance sheet date

  • Payment made via the condominium's accounts - Secure tracking

  • Collection procedure - of unpaid charges established with the collaboration of specialized lawyers

  • Transparency in the keeping of accounts - Cash flow statement communicated periodically to the auditor

Cost control

  • Very restrictive pricing policy towards suppliers to obtain the most advantageous rates for the benefit of your condominium.

  • Calls for tender carried out for all works envisaged

  • Thorough follow-up by an experienced manager

  • Acceptance of work

  • Immediate handling of any new claim file

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Continuous monitoring of regulatory changes

  • Monitoring and communication of the evolution of the regulations affecting the functioning of condominium (GDPR, various royal decrees, prescriptions of the Scientific and Technical Centre for Construction of Brussels (CSTC), etc.). Permanent and continuous information on any modification or adaptation of the laws on condominiums.

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